Cuda Automatic Parts Washers – Wash More Efficiently and Faster

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Do you need to clean parts or components in your business? Then an automatic parts washer is an ideal cleaning solution. We are an authorized dealer for Cuda automatic parts washers serving South Texas.

Great for auto or truck repair shops, airline maintenance, hydraulics and manufacturing because of the time savings they offer. Parts washers are aqueous based, industrial-sized cabinet washers using powerful spray jets of pressurized hot water and biodegradable detergents to clean parts automatically.

Easy to use, these cabinet washers take up little room on the shop floor. There are two different styles – front loading or the more compact top loading parts washers. Both are available with varying turntable diameters and working heights. Our automatic parts washers are available in multiple electrical configurations and are ETL certified to UL-73 standards for safety. Cuda parts washers use no chemical solvents, so employers do not have to worry about health hazards and the long-term effects on their staff.

Automatic parts washers provide a big return on investment!

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